Elucence Beauty & Wellness Products

Welcome to our new and updated website!  No login necessary, just go to the product or shop page to place your order. Here at Pleasant Image Distributing, we want to provide you with the highest quality hair care products in the industry.  Our philosophy is proper nutrients for the hair are just as important as proper nutrition for the body.  Our goal is to provide innovative hair care products infused with natural ingredients to address and correct problems related to the hair and scalp. Our exclusive lines, Elucence Beauty & Wellness and Nefertiti's Secrets can help you achieve beautiful and healthy hair the natural way.  These multicultural products lines are designed to work eqaully well on a variety of hair types and textures.  Thank you for visiting with us. 



Simple. Healthy. Natural. These three modest words describe the Elucence Beauty & Wellness collection. Elucence is a complete line of hair care products made with natural ingredients based on the premise that hair needs the same nutrients your body does to thrive and repair. Elucence blends proteins, lipids, vitamins and minerals together into special formulas to balance, strengthen, condition and relax your hair. Their sweetly seductive aromas will invigorate your senses and awaken your spirit!


Nefertiti's Secrets Professional Hair Care Collection


Nefertiti’s Secrets Professional hair care collection is made with specially selected Natural Remedies discovered in ancient Egyptian tombs that were opened after thousands of years.  Each product is formulated with a special blend of Moringa Oil and Natural Extracts.  These natural ingredeints have been proven to restore moisture, strengthen hair, and promote new hair growth.  Embrace Royalty and indulge in the timeless beauty secrets of Nefertiti, you derseve the Royal Treatment…Royalty Awaits You!